Credit and Selection Supervisor


Responsible for safeguarding the company’s asset by ensuring that all accounts receivables be collected within the target period. To enhance team member’s skills, competencies and efficiencies.



  • Ensures 80% current and 20% past due
  • Ensures the collection of all vehicle sales release, service repairs, body and paint, and subsidy.
  • Achieve the monthly target collection



Minimum Education

  • Baccalaureate  degree (preferably Business Management courses)

Minimum Experience

  • Two (2) years  of experience in automotive or bank industry with focus on financing operations

Knowledge and Skills required

  • good communication and negotiation skills
  • ability to work under pressure
  • good analytical and thinking skills
  • good in time management
  • working knowledge of PC and Microsoft office applications (preferably Excel and PowerPoint presentation)
  • good verbal & written communication skills

Amount of supervision received by the incumbent

  • Reports to the  Credit and Collection Manager but she will work independently on his own after  a general orientation

Level of financial responsibility and accountability

  • The incumbent is responsible for implementation and control of company policies to prevent irregularities and uncover anomalies by ensuring that all Service and VSD releases are correspondingly paid or appropriately charged.
  • Any cost incurred due to negligence in computation.
  • Any cost incurred due to missing or delayed submission of documents (if any)

Impact of action carried by this job

  • Inability to supervise the department may result to internal/external customer concern and may lead to loss of accounts
  • delays in collections and inaccurate reporting may result to financial losses

Level of communication and nature of contacts

Level  and nature of internal contacts

  • has regular contacts with  managers, team members and Vehicle Sales and Service Department

Level  and nature of external  contacts

  • has regular contacts  with financing company’s authorized representative