Insurance Coordinator


  • To consistently achieve 100% attainment on Volume and Sales Target
  • To account and ensure that all sold motor-car policies are paid in full
  • To give assistance to customers and ensure 100% customer’s satisfaction



  • Ensures 100% delivery of Volume and Sales Target for the month and for the year
  • Ensures full collection of insurance premium of all policies requested for issuance within the given credit terms
  • Ensures clean-up of accounts receivables and bounced checks, if any, within the given credit terms of all policies reported in the production
  • Monitors all requested issued policies, endorsements, or cancellation, if any
  • Ensures timely transmittal of bank’s copy, LTO registrations, and other related documents
  • Ensures assistance is given to customers and delivery of 100% customer satisfaction
  • Safe-keeps all insurance documents and client’s information disseminated to him/her



Minimum Education

  • Baccalaureate  Degree preferably related to Sales or any Business Courses

Minimum Experience

  • No experience required but preferred

Knowledge and skills required

  • Goal Oriented
  • Aggressive
  • Selling / Marketing Skills and Background
  • Computer Literate in Microsoft Offices
  • Communicate clearly, concisely and effectively in verbal and written communication
  • Hardworking and willing to extend time when needed
  • With good analytical  and thinking skills

Amount of supervision received by the incumbent

  • Reports to the  Insurance Manager but will work independently on his/her own after  a general orientation

Level of financial responsibility and accountability

The incumbent shall be responsible should financial obligation arises from:

  • Returned / Bounced Checks
  • Erroneous computation/quotation given to customer
  • Late LTO Renewal Submission
  • Late submission of Bank’s Copy
  • Request of Policy Cancellation beyond prescribed period of time
  • Lost Documents and;

Impact of action carried by this job

  • Non Attainment of Target will decrease potential Body and Paint customer Inaccurate, delay or non-submission of expected results may result to internal & external customers’ dissatisfaction, financial accountability and losses, and poor performance of the department

Level of communication and nature of contacts

Level  and nature of internal contacts

  • Has regular contacts with  Insurance Coordinators, Accounting & Finance Personnel, and Insurance Supervisor/Manager

Level  and nature of external  contacts

  • Has regular contacts  with Insurance Companies