Marketing Professional


Promotes and Sells Toyota vehicles, parts, accessories, services and other ancillary business in the most professional manner and with utmost integrity by understanding the needs of the customer and exceeds their expectation

The Marketing Professional shall be responsible in the general management of each account during the entire sales cycle (from prospecting to repurchase)



  • Attainment of individual sales target
  • Performs KYC (completeness, accuracy and authenticity of customer and customer documents)
  • Attainment of SSI rating
    • Pass MP Proficiency and Skills Examination
    • Compliance to TMP standards as well as to the Company policies, procedures and work processes
    • Account Management from prospecting to repurchase
  • Comply with and deliver all responsibilities and items as mandated under pertinent laws, such as, but not limited to, Environmental Laws and policies, Data Privacy laws and policies, Consumer Right laws (e.g. Consumer Act of the Philippines and Lemon Law) and policies.
  • Compliance to TMP, Internal and other related Policies and Procedures
  • Any related financial or legal accountability proven to have resulted from the employee’s non-compliance to TMP, Internal and other related Policies and Procedures
  • Accomplishment of all required turn-over and securing of clearance for instance of separation with the company



Minimum Education

  • Bachelor’s degree preferably business course

Minimum Experience

  • At least 3 years in the automotive industry with exposure in sales and customer service

Knowledge and skills required

  • Must possess strong communication skills to deal with customers

Amount of supervision received by the incumbent

  • Under the direct supervision of the GRM but should be able to work independently after orientation

Level of financial responsibility and accountability

  • High

Impact of action carried by this job

  • Non meeting of the requirements of the job may lead to serious impact on the business

Level of communication and nature of contacts

Level  and nature of internal contacts

  • Regular contacts with GRMs, customers and other Department staff.

Level  and nature of external  contacts

  • Regular contact to TMP officers, TDA
  • Occasional contact to Local Government units