Special Service Campaign Staff


He ensures the timely and immediate servicing of all Special Service Campaign affected vehicles through proactive customer communication.  He cascades all SSC Information to related Team members and guarantees the availability of the required parts through proper coordination with the Manufacturer and Dealer Service and Parts Department in order to accomplish the repair.

He monitors that all customer affected and assigned to the dealership for the campaign are serviced.



  • 100% Achievement of SSC targets
  • 100% Availability of required SSC Parts
  • 100% coordination of appointments to Service Department for immediate servicing
  • Proper Billing and Collection of all charges to TMP for SSC Repairs
  • 100% Accuracy of Service Billing of SSC repairs
  • Compliance to TMP, Internal, and other related Policies and Procedures
  • Any related financial or legal accountability proven to have resulted from the employee’s non-compliance to TMP, Internal, and other related Policies and Procedures
  • Accomplishment of all required turn-over and securing of clearance for instance of separation with the company.



Minimum Education

  • Baccalaureate  degree

Minimum Experience

  • No experience required but preferred previous experience in a frontline or customer service position

Knowledge and Skills required

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Computer literate
  • Customer service oriented
  • Good attention to details

Amount of supervision received by the incumbent

  • Reports to the  Service Manager but she will work independently on his own after  a general orientation

Level of financial responsibility and accountability

  • The incumbent is responsible for  managing  SSC claim of the customer

Impact of action carried by this job

  • Non-submission of TMP reports may result to low TDSP rating

Level of communication and nature of contacts

Level  and nature of internal contacts

  • Has regular contact with Service Advisor, MRS, Parts

Level  and nature of external  contacts

  • Has regular contacts  with customers, TMP