The General Job Technician is responsible for performing the required maintenance and repair service on the vehicle, according to the customer’s request and specifications found on the Repair Order.



  • Achievement of Team and Workshop Target
  • Consistency of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and adherence to Fix-it-Right
  • Accuracy, completeness and quality of repairs
  • Compliance to TMP, Internal, and other related Policies and Procedures
  • Any related financial or legal accountability proven to have resulted from the employee’s non-compliance to TMP, Internal, and other related Policies and Procedures
  • Accomplishment of all required turn-over and securing of clearance for instance of separation with the company.



Minimum Education

  • Graduate of Automotive course
  • With NCI and NCII

Minimum Experience

  • With previous experience as company OJT
  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
  • 1-2 years as an automotive technician is an advantage

Knowledge and Skills required

  • Good attention to details
  • Good analytical and thinking skills
  • Technical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Team player

Amount of supervision received by the incumbent

  • Reports to the Foreman  but he will work independently on his own after  a general orientation

Level of financial responsibility and accountability

The incumbent is responsible for the following:

  • Safety of customers, Team members and customer’s vehicle
  • Repeat Repair/Back Job
  • Time Promised or advise extension of repair
  • Cleanliness of workshop bays
  • Loss or damage to the customer’s unit
  • Wrong advise of repair or parts
  • Lost tools or damage equipment

Impact of action carried by this job

  • Poor performance may result to low customer satisfaction
  • Wrong diagnose and or parts ordered delays in unit advises and releases

Level of communication and nature of contacts

Level  and nature of internal contacts

  • Has regular contacts with Managers and Team Members

Level  and nature of external  contacts

  • Has no regular contacts  with customers